The novel coronavirus outbreak, in a few short months, has had a devastating effect on the national economy. Thousands of employees in key sectors have seen a drastic decrease in their work hours; some have lost their jobs altogether. With a shockingly low number of supports available to these workers amongst this time of crisis, the gross inadequacies of the U.S. labor law are being brought to the spotlight.   Which industries are being affected
The Trump Administration has long been thought to push forward immigration policies that violate human rights and dignity. Amidst the worldwide outbreak of the novel coronavirus, these same immigration policies are thought to pose a considerable threat to public health, as well. The first way the Trump Administration puts immigrants at risk stems directly from the increased number of deportations of undocumented individuals, many of whom are held at border detention centers until they are
Mexico is one of the most popular destinations for Spring Break amongst U.S. citizens – for college students, working professionals, and retirees alike. However, amidst the worldwide outbreak of the novel coronavirus and advisories against travel by major government agencies, it might be worthwhile to balance all sides of the equation in deciding if traveling to Mexico in the upcoming months is a safe endeavor.   What is the Mexican government doing to contain the

Timeline of Legal Career

Posted on March 18, 2020

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(2007) Capital Appeals Project After graduating from Rutgers Law School, JFW moved to the devastated city of New Orleans post-Hurricane Katrina. He worked for the Capital Appeals Project as a public defender, representing indigent clients on death row. The Capital Appeals Project was founded in 2001 and has represented clients in landmark cases, even appearing before the Supreme Court.   (Were there any notable cases between these years?) (2016) Charlie Hill Charlie Hill is an
The Chiapas Highlands, one of Mexico’s wettest regions, has a water shortage. Although the region has some of the highest levels of renewable water resources in Mexico, one in three residents lacks safe drinking water. Meanwhile, at a nearby Coca-Cola bottling plant, hundreds of thousands of gallons of water are being consumed every day for the production of sugary beverages. Due to the lack of safe, available, and affordable drinking water, residents of the Chiapas