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The workplace should be a safe and productive place for employees. However, you may find yourself facing discrimination, which puts you in a difficult situation. Should you speak up against unfair treatment and risk losing your job, or should you endure injustice? 


As an employee, you have the right to be free of discriminaion based on race, sex, sexual orientation, nationality, religion, physical abilities, and age. If your employer engages in any of the following discriminatory practices, they can be subject to legal action. 



If you have ever been subject to assults, threats, slurs, ridicule, offensive jokes, or unwelcome sexual advances, you have definite legal recourse against your employer. Harassment creates a hostile, unproductive work environment, which can have various psychological and even physical health consequences for the individual subject to it. 


Denial of Equal Pay for Equal Work

It is illegal for employers to pay different wages to employees working the same jobs based on employee characteristics. 


Defamation of Character

If your reputation has been damaged due to false written or spoken comments in your workplace, your employer has an obligation to end it. This act may cause long-term damage to your career; as such, if your employer has allowed defamation to occur, you may have legal recourse against them.


Unpaid Wages or Overtime


Denial of Leave


Employer Retaliation 

Lastly, if you have brought a case against your employer based on discriminatory practices, your employer cannot legally retaliate against you in any way. If you find yourself subject to harassment, hostility, and demotion, then you may have further legal recourse. 


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